The night creatures

First there was a spaceship. Then a zombie comes along. He’s a zombie because the top of him got cut off, and that’s why he doesn’t have a top. And that is why he’s a zombie. Then, the spaceship killed him because zombies are bad guys.



Hangout area

A weird alien comes along and there’s a tree in the way. First he tries digging under it. But the tree just falls on top of him. Then he tries going over it. But he trips on a leaf and falls. And now he’s on the other side. He got so confused he turned around and tried doing it again! Then he tried going through it. But then it crushed him. And he laid there for 5 years.


Steve Still in a Jam

Steve is still stuck in a jam! This time there’s an enderman stuck on a house! Good thing he has a pumpkin head. Because an enderman will not do any damage to Steve when he’s wearing a pumpkin head.

steve still in a jam.jpg