Mini island

All it really is, is a mini island with a tree, a house, and a boat.

The way I made it was I stacked a bunch of blocks on each other, and then I put some blocks with studs on them so they could connect to smooth ground.

The mini idea was inspired by a lego book.

Biggest mistake of my life

I made a huge nether portal, ’cause I thought it would be cool. But two magna cubes came along! So I drank a big potion, and apparently it didn’t have any side effects. I was dripping with blood and I accidentally knocked down a tree!


My vacuum cleaner

Today, I made a vacuum cleaner in Minecraft. I was so happy to have it, I kind of went out of control. And I may have accidentally sucked up my grandma! I tried to un-craft it, but that wasn’t a good idea, because then I never saw her again.


I tripped on my arm!

Today I lost my arm. And I wanted to go sit on a log, but I tripped over something. I got back up with my one hand, but I accidentally used the other one. And it pushed me up, and I fell on my other side. And I superglued my arm shut! And now I’m never going to lose my arm again!



Well, today a new noob came to my town. And he made a new car. Except, it was a bed. So, I told him he needed to make an actual car, not mix it with the material. So, instead, he made a metal tube with wheels! Then, he pushed it by the ditch. He jumped in, and he slid right in. So I had to help him out. And now, he’s never making a car again!


Paw prints

Today I have paw class. I have to guess which paw is which!

The first paw looks like a deer.

The second paw looks like a rabbit.

And the last, wait, what’s the last?!

Zombie apocalypse

Today, there was supposed to be a zombie apocalypse. But instead it was just one big, giant zombie! And he stole a few swords, and burnt a few trees, but the worst part – he tore my house apart! So I made a new one. But this week I tried going mining for diamonds, and I saw the same big zombie!


Candy Land

This is Candy Land. And a little minion came along and ate part of the sun. But then he went to Minion Land, and we can’t catch the crook. So we sent somebody up, but they got burnt. So, they just had to leave it that way. And there is a candy cane, dark green and light green, and other plants made of candy.